Ship repair management and consulting;

Ship technical management;

Main and auxiliary engine repair works:
-in situ line boring of bedplates for main and auxiliary engines,
-revolution control governors: inspection, maintenance and regulation on WOODWARD test bench,
-nozzles: inspection, maintenance, atomizer and needle grinding with HARTRIDGE equimpment, injection pressure adjustment;

Fuel pumps, int. al. block type: maintenance, adjustment on MOTORPAL test bench;

Auxiliary and exaust boilers:
-complete retubing,
-pipe producing,
-fireproof coating maintenance,
-armature maintenance,
-automatic equipment adjustment and maintenance;

Various kinds of pipelines – replacement and production;

Pipeline cleaning (without dismantling) with RID GID (USA) equipment;

Metal, int. al. aluminium construction maintenance and producing;

Machine and component internal and external surface reconditioning with grinding and welding method (in situ) from Ø22mm to Ø2300mm by using SIR MECCANICA (Italy) machines;

Alignment and measurement with laser equipment;

Oil discharge monitoring equipment:
-inspection, maintenance,

Spare part supply service (onto the ship):
-int. al. USSR products,
-for gantry – cranes,
-other spare parts requested;

Engine blocks and cylinder – piston group spare parts:
-plug seat, cooling casing, frame type bearing bed renovation,
-plug, piston mechanical machining,
-plug honing,
-mechanical damage and crack repair works;

Spare part producing;

Above mentioned works are done in workshop or on the ship by using CHRIS – MARINE (Sweden) and SIR MECCANICA (Italy) machines;

Production of forged products from different metals (fences, barriers, lampshades, pegs etc.).

We represent world renown companies as:

CHRIS – MARINE – diesel engine maintenance machines and stands (Sweden);


James Walker & Co – all kinds of packing material (Great Britain);

SERES – oil leak and smoke detecting and premonitoring on ships and industrial objects (France);

CROATIA – PUMPE – different kinds of pumps and spare parts (Croatia).


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