Our company represents Chris Marine. The production of this company is well known and approved worldwide. This Swedish company produces diesel engine maintenance machines. Chris Marine devices can be used for different purposes like: maintenance of ship diesel engines, to use in powerstations or production units to do different works.

• Services

-maintenance and repairs for engines and spare parts by using Chris – Marine machines,
-Chris – Marine machine sales, maintenance and repairs,
-Chris – Marine machine operator training,
-the performance of specific repair works.

Chris – Marine products will correspond or exceed your expectations.

The main strain for Chris – Marine products, for repair works, and for our services is high quality.

• Products:
-valve or valve seat grinding machines,
-surface grinding machines,
-honing and wastage milling machines,
-mobile lathes,
-piston ring groove grinding machines.

• Engine repair works which can be done on board too:
-honing of cylinder liners including really big liners as 90, 96 and 98 bore,
-grinding of gas sealing surfaces,
-grinding of water sealing surfaces,
-milling of O-ring grooves,
-machining in engine frame,
-machining of recesses for piston cleaning rings,
-grinding of landing surfaces for stud bolt nuts.

• Problem solving:
-wear out prevention,
-excessive oil consumption prevention etc.

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